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An exciting journey begins when you launch your own company. The limited liability company (LLC) incorporation process, however, can appear intimidating. However, a well-known organization like Rocket Lawyer can assist you in realizing your commercial objectives.

With the use of Rocket Lawyer’s services, individuals can establish new companies, draft legal documents, and get legal counsel. Since its founding in 2008 by Charley Moore, Rocket Lawyer has grown to become one of the most popular legal services in the world, generating over 3 million businesses. Is Rocket Lawyer, however, the best option for your new LLC?

The staff at MarketWatch Guides examines the many business services provided by Rocket Lawyer, along with some of its advantages and disadvantages. We also provide you with a summary of Rocket Lawyer’s membership options, related costs, and frequently asked questions. You’ll be able to judge whether Rocket Lawyer meets your needs and objectives as a business after reading this article.

Rocket Lawyer: What Is It?

The goal of Rocket Lawyer, an online legal services technology startup, is to better and expand the public’s access to reasonably priced and trustworthy legal services, particularly for small business owners. But Rocket Lawyer is by no means a tiny company in and of itself. The organization now has offices in six countries after experiencing considerable growth over the previous 15 years. In addition to business incorporation, registered agent services, skilled legal advice, electronic signature capabilities, and more, its multidisciplinary team of professionals offers invaluable legal support and commercial services.

What Is the Price of a Rocket Lawyer?

Cost-wise, Lawyer is undoubtedly different from its rivals. A salient distinction is found in the pricing structure. The entry-level membership, Rocket Legal, costs $39.99 per month; the premium membership tier, Rocket Legal+, costs $239.88 annually.

In the sections that follow, we’ll examine what Lawyer offers at each of its tiers in more detail. Nevertheless, we should emphasize that services for business registration are not included in either category. Rather, in order to establish their new business, members of Lawyer must pay the entire fee. Customers who purchase Rocket Legal+, on the other hand, can register their first new business for free and receive business incorporation services at a 50% reduced cost.

Customers can take advantage of Rocket Lawyer’s free trial, which is a provision not seen in many other business creation companies.

Rocket Lawyer No-Cost Consultation

Offering a free week-long trial for each of its many subscriptions is one-way Lawyer sets itself apart from its rivals. A user can experience a sneak peek at some of its available services throughout the trial. The document management capabilities offered by Rocket Lawyer allow you to draft, modify, and distribute up to three legal documents. Access to Rocket Lawyer’s electronic signature service is also available during the free trial. The documents you prepared throughout the trial remain accessible even after you end your free trial with Lawyer.

Which Features Make Rocket Lawyer the Best?

Formation of LLCs

Anyone can get assistance from Lawyer in navigating the LLC establishment procedure. They will guarantee that the procedure is carried out accurately and effectively.

Builder of Legal Documents

While many rivals only give clients restricted access to customizable legal documents, Lawyer offers unrestricted access. Customers with either its basic or premium memberships can draft an infinite number of legal papers.

Legal Guidance

Although it’s not normally planned for, problems can arise throughout the LLC establishment procedure. Clients of both Lawyer membership tiers have access to a large and knowledgeable legal expert network. Any legal query is welcome, and you’ll get insightful legal counsel.

Services for Registered Agents

Rather than representing yourself, you can assign Lawyer to take on the function of a registered agent. In this manner, Lawyer serves as your point of contact for tax and legal matters, allowing you to focus more of your time on running your company.

Are Reviews of Rocket Lawyer Positive?

Rocket Lawyer is a well-known company with a number of online evaluations from satisfied clients. Positive evaluations and a solid reputation have been built for Lawyer. On the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Lawyer has a comparable rating of 4.62/5 stars, based on an average of just 341 reviews.

Positive Lawyer reviews highlight the platform’s exceptional customer service, ease of use, and refund support for inadvertent automatic charges. Customer dissatisfaction with automated charges, trouble canceling, and deceptive services and functionality offered during the free trial is expressed in negative reviews.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is Rocket Lawyer safe to use?

Indeed. RocketSign is a technology that allows all Lawyer clients to sign legal papers quickly and securely. The Document Defence tool from Lawyer offers more contract protection.

Is Rocket Lawyer truly free of charge?

Not precisely. While there is a free seven-day trial available, consumers’ access to some products and services is restricted by Lawyer. If users have yet to cancel the trial by then, they will be charged.

What is the purpose of Rocket Lawyer?

Whether they need legal support or attorney services for a business, a family, or themselves, the majority of customers depend on Lawyer for its affordable selection of online legal services.

How do I end my complimentary Rocket Lawyer trial?

Your free Lawyer trial can be quickly ended online by logging into your account and going to your member preferences. Here are more thorough instructions that you can find. Read More

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