Consumers Can Benefit More from New CrowdStrike Store Apps

The CrowdStrike® Store continues to work toward its goal of giving our partners and consumers access to the full capabilities of the Falcon platform. We’re pleased to present a fantastic array of recently released third-party applications that will be available through the CrowdStrike Store shortly. These applications take advantage of our clients’ previous investments in the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform and offer a range of particular customer security use cases. Consumers may test cutting-edge security solutions from market leaders by visiting the CrowdStrike Store. Which offers seamless interaction with the Falcon platform. 

As seen by the partner apps available today, CrowdStrike is dedicated to innovation and will keep adding new features and solutions to the Falcon platform through in-house development and outside collaborations. Our mission is to give our clients a flawless experience so they can research and test cybersecurity applications that use the Falcon agent’s strength and the cloud-native platform’s AI capabilities. 

Patch management, application-allow listing/control, vulnerability risk prioritization, autonomous deception, insider threat detection, and digital attack surface management are among the cybersecurity use cases targeted by the new application lineup. These applications utilize the Falcon platform and extensive real-time endpoint telemetry. Customers can now quickly find, test, and integrate these apps to strengthen their security posture, increase threat defence, and enhance their security stacks, which also benefits partners. The Falcon user interface (UI), which clients use, is where all this is done. 

The use cases and new apps customers can utilize in the CrowdStrike Store to solve them are described below. These are useful updates for the Dragos, Interset, and Truefort apps on the CrowdStrike Store. 

Innovative CrowdStrike Store Applications Address User Issues 

Use Case: Advanced Threat Detection / Cunning 

Security professionals may watch intruders from a small area while trapping them in a web of alluring honeypots or decoy systems using deception technology. Giving them a significant advantage over potential attackers. Moreover, it enables prompt and accurate identification. By using dishonesty, you can learn the strategies used by the negative actors in your organization for lateral mobility and their otivations.

Application: Combining deception skills with an abundance of endpoint data from the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, Acalvio offers rapid, accurate, and intelligent threat hunting that fits in well with your environment. 

Use Case: Permit application control and listing. 

Application allowlisting offers a strong and efficient defence against sophisticated targeted and non-targeted cyberattacks when paired with endpoint protection. This enhances your capacity to practice a proactive approach in which you select the files and scripts you can rely on to operate on your endpoints. By default, the remaining files and scripts are prohibited. This increases your capacity to thwart zero-day attacks and other attacks with known and unknown malware by interacting with Falcon’s endpoint security features. 

Additionally, it provides a default-deny policy for devices with fixed functions that are rarely changed. 

Use Digital Airlock Utilization: Safe listing assists in implementing a proactive security approach by limiting the applications. Scripts that can be run on your endpoints managed by the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform. 

The use cases are endpoint security and patch management. 

Proactive hardening of endpoints against known vulnerabilities and configuration drift can lead to better security outcomes. Consequently, there is a reduction in the available assault surface. Traditional patch and remediation management approaches should be more thorough and proactive to shield you against vulnerabilities before they become weapons. Maintenance needs to be completed quickly because of the growing infrastructure of the organization. The ongoing development of new vulnerabilities. 

Apply now: Through proactive vulnerability mitigation. You may prevent endpoints from becoming weaponized with Automox by addressing vulnerabilities found on them with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform. 

Use Case: Entity Analytics (UEBA) Using User and Entity Behavior 

Along with the rise in cloud software usage, mobile device and remote work usage are both on the rise. 

This has led to unprecedented access to sensitive data, which has generated security concerns. Insider threats invariably involve the willful or careless penetration of trusted users’ devices. Unauthorized data access, illicit data transfer and exfiltration, compromised accounts and policy infractions can all be found using UEBA solutions. 

Use: By evaluating Falcon endpoint telemetry and assisting in detecting insider threats and unauthorized lateral movements within your environment. Exabeam Advanced Analytics for CrowdStrike provides UEBA. 

Use Case: Prioritizing Vulnerability Risk 

Microservices, cloud, containers, and DevOps approaches have increased the attack surface of modern IT systems and made them more complex. As the environment becomes more complicated, vulnerabilities increase in quantity and severity. They prioritize known vulnerabilities more by applying state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) methods. 

Use Case: Management of Digital Attack Surface 

Conventional security solutions are limited to internal networks and require more access to these locations. Since attackers are in the most remote portions of the internet. An organization’s digital attack surface reaches the dynamic and expansive internet beyond the firewall. Whether or not they are managed.

Concerning the CrowdStrike Shop 

Launched in February 2019. The CrowdStrike Store is a cloud-based ecosystem of dependable apps that provides our clients access to a carefully selected selection of security providers. All CrowdStrike Store apps are powered by our strong, lightweight agent, which gives the Falcon cloud-native platform extensive endpoint telemetry. By utilizing our clients’ comprehensive threat intelligence data and adaptable platform architecture. The CrowdStrike Store seeks to provide consumers with a simple way to access third-party apps. 

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